ETHICS ….. What, Why ….?

I believe the ethical basis of any therapist’s work is very important indeed.

Often, when someone approaches a therapist, they are seeking help with something. They are sometimes vulnerable. What they need is to feel safe in the hands of a well-trained, responsible counsellor or therapist.

Unfortunately, there are some people, who’ve set up as counsellors or therapists, but they-

  • Have done only a one or two-day course in “counselling skills”. They have little or no experience
  • Have phoney diplomas, certificates, and even degrees, from internet companies etc
  • Charge expensive fees, for a dubious service
  • Use vague ideas like “Stress therapy” or “lifestyle analysis”

I believe that, before trusting me to work with them, my clients should be given clear and accessible information about:

  • My qualifications
  • My principles as a therapist
  • My ways of working
  • My ‘business contract’ (e.g. fees etc)

You should be able to ask questions about any or all of these—and anything else you feel you need to know.

Click here for my ethical framework

Think about it… you’re spending *your* money. You have a right to know what you’re buying!

I personally would AVOID choosing a therapist who wasn’t clear about their ethics, their qualifications, or that I simply didn’t trust. I wouldn’t want you to do that, either.

So, even if you don’t decide to go into therapy or counselling right now, please remember to look for ethical and professional therapists.

A good place to start – WHO ARE THEY? (Some websites don’t even give a name for the person offering the service!) Are they a member of a professional body?

Are they Accredited?

Are they on a Register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority? (It’s possible to be a member of a professional body, without being Accredited or Registered! )

A good therapist will be happy to answer these kinds of questions freely.